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Case Studies
  • Class A Cedar Park
  • Class C San Antonio
  • Class C San Antonio
Avita Case Studies Insights
Our strategic asset management in San Antonio and Cedar Park has led to significant NOI increases across Class C and A properties, ranging from 10% to a striking 40%. Key to these successes were targeted renovations, competitive market repositioning, and diligent operational cost control. These efforts not only enhanced property values but also accelerated performance turnaround times. Our case studies exemplify the potential for rapid growth in GPR and the effective management of controllable expenses, resulting in substantial improvements in asset profitability within a remarkably short time frame.
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Revitalizing a Class C Asset in San Antonio
Avita increased the NOI by 18% in the first year for a Class C asset in San Antonio, driven by a $0.5M improvement in Gross Potential Rent (GPR) through strategic renovations and premium unit pricing. They simultaneously reduced variable expenses, notably maintenance and payroll, by $0.1M. Despite a minor uptick in revenue loss due to bad debt, the reduction in non-revenue units and concessions balanced the financials. This case study demonstrates Avita's ability to boost profitability while cutting costs. Read more for detailed insights.
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Elevating a Class A Property in Cedar Park
Avita achieved a 10% increase in Net Operating Income (NOI) in the first year for a Class A asset in Cedar Park Submarket by employing a broad range of revenue and cost strategies. These efforts included improving Gross Potential Rent (GPR) through better pricing and strategic renovations, enhancing other revenue streams such as Valet Trash and Late Fees, and addressing uncontrollable expenses linked to property tax assessments. This multifaceted approach allowed for a rapid turnaround in asset performance, demonstrating the effectiveness of Avita's management practices. Read More for detailed insights.
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Transforming a 1966 Vintage Property in San Antonio
Avita's strategic renovations and expense management led to a 40% NOI boost in three months for a Class C property in San Antonio, overcoming a 35% hike in uncontrollable expenses. A 47% GPR growth through aggressive marketing and dynamic pricing played a critical role. For further details on this case study, read more.
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