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Case Study Details
Elevating a Class A Property in Cedar Park

Strategic NOI Enhancement in Cedar Park's Competitive Landscape

Targeted Revenue Growth

In Cedar Park's bustling real estate market, Avita's innovative approach led to a 10% Net Operating Income (NOI) boost for a Class A asset. By focusing on premium unit pricing and strategic renovations, they achieved a $0.6M improvement in Gross Potential Rent (GPR), underpinning the asset's revenue growth.

Diverse Income Streams

Beyond GPR, Avita tapped into ancillary revenue streams. Initiatives like Valet Trash and Garage Income added a significant $0.1M to the revenue pool. These additional services not only increased cash flow but also improved the living experience, contributing to a competitive edge in the market.

Managing the Uncontrollable

Despite facing a seller-imposed $0.2M increase in uncontrollable expenses due to property tax misassessments, Avita's adept expense management minimized the financial impact. Their proactive stance on cost control highlighted the importance of flexibility and foresight in property management.

Conclusion: A Model of Asset Performance Turnaround

Avita's case study serves as an inspiring model for rapid asset performance turnaround in a competitive submarket. By blending revenue maximization with strategic cost management, they not only improved NOI but also positioned the property for sustained success.

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