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Our Services

Elevate Your Property Ownership experience with our premium property management services. We guide you through every phase of the process, from overseeing construction and meticulous due diligence to expertly handling in-house accounting and rent management. Your satisfaction is our unwavering commitment!

Due Diligence
Avita provides commercial due diligence consulting. Our team can tackle due diligence on signing the purchase contract.
On-Site Managers & Maintenance
Wondering how to find a good property management company? Check their training. Our on-site managers go through extensive training in customer service, reporting.
Pro Forma Underwriting
Establishing a budget is vital when underwriting a property. Avita is happy to help with this process.
In-house Accounting
Our in-house accounting team provides individualized financial reports every month. We also prepare the annual operating budget and assure the property.
Construction Management
Our team will help you establish a construction budget and scope, get bids from multiple contractors, and carry out the action plans of the capital projects.
Property Renovation
We specialize in turning around communities in need of renovation to increase rent, occupancy.
Leasing & Marketing
Our goal is to increase occupancy—whether you own an apartment complex, shopping center, warehouse, office, or flex-space.
Rent Collection
We take the burden of collecting rent away from the owner and work diligently to secure rents from tenants, on time and in full.
Rebates Management
Our team will help you with identifying and capturing federal, state, county rebates to help you offset your property updates like Electric charging stations, HVAC updates, Solar Panels, Water Conservation projects

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