The Avita Story

Empowering property owners through a platform crafted by experienced owner operators, for owner operators.

What is was founded by three multifamily owners when they realized how broken the legacy property management industry is. grew alongside its investment-focused affiliate and has evolved to turn newly acquired properties efficient and lean. Upon management takeover, eliminates redundant expenses and implements technology to improve decision-making visibility.

Since its inception, has managed properties of varying construction types, vintages, and expense profiles. From heavy construction value-add to complicated management turnarounds, in brand-new and outdated properties, has brought properties of every kind up to standard.

The Avita Difference

Any Property Manager can Claim they are Efficient or Transparent. We Can Prove It.

We actively seek out solutions to the problems we face - that’s how was founded in the first place. And if we can’t find a solution, we build it. When our team identifies a problem, we lean on our venture capital arm (Stellifi) to go find the right solution to fit our company. This has led to a number of new software implementations, and an improvement in tenant and owner experience.


If we Can’t Find a Solution, We Build It.


Data driven vacancy management. Speed up turns and increase revenue.

We founded PropUp to improve transparency and efficiency when it comes to the turnover process. Today PropUp helps, as well as other managers and owners, speed up turn turns and keep their on-site teams organized.


Uncover what's driving residents and prospects to love or hate your properties.

Communications software utilizing AI to deliver tenant insights and customer service to property owners. Assists with reputation management and tenant follow up.


Building management simplified for everyone.

Online platform that lets them track unlimited pieces of equipment, match that equipment with optimized maintenance plans, and then seamlessly connect with manufacturer-authorized providers to purchase service or parts. Facilitates access to energy rebates for property owners.

Let's Make Faster Decisions

Whether you are looking to optimize rental income, reduce expenses, or enhance the tenant experience, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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